Angry Guy – The Best Gary McBlank Game – Freakout Freakshow

They used to play this game by calling phone sex operators and random people to see how long they would speak to voice clips of Blanky McBlank. They had to stop doing it in October 2000.
Its a long story that i explain on the video, basicaly the reason it kept continuing is because Blanky would keep putting stuff on his website accusing Dan of being a cyber stalker and the show being a front for the mob, but the guy was completly clueless… a good example is how Charlton Heston called Dan & Scott idiots during an interview to be funny and Blanky tought they were in a war against Charlton…He just doesnt get humor at all, and to make matters worst he kept teasing the Freak Army saying they were almost dead etc…
All of this despite the fact that Dan & Scott had nothing to do with the situation to begin with, they didnt even want to talk about him at certain times. They asked us listeners
(The Freak Army) to please stop messing with him. They offered him the olive branch on several occasions by calling Blanky, but he didnt want to hear anything. He was Hellbent on putting an end to the 1st, most popular and biggest internet show in history.
The detailed history is on the video.